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Two Truths And A Lie About Year Zero

I’m not a famous author or anything (that’s true, but it’s not one of the two), so people don’t often ask me questions about my debut novel, Year Zero. And if I sit around and wait, I’ll never get all this stuff swimming around in my head out there into the universe. Thus, this post…. Read More ›

Launch Day

Well Launch day for Year Zero has arrived. It has been a long, but overall, enjoyable journey. I have met so many kind, supportive people along the way. And this is just my first book. I can’t wait to see how many more fantastic people I’ll come across on two, and three etc. I’m doing… Read More ›

Chapter Two

I was going to wait until my copyeditor had finished her work, but then I decided since my site is about sharing my journey I’d go ahead and publish additional chapters in their original state and then again afterwards. This way there will be something for comparisons sake. Anyway, enjoy. As always feel free to… Read More ›