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Soft Launch

Hello, all you wonderful people. The official wide launch date for my novel, Year Zero, is May 31. I know I promised to post the first few chapters after edits etc. back in March, but I’d thought why not go one better. Below you’ll find a link to a kindle sample of Year Zero, download… Read More ›

Year Zero: From Concept to Conclusion. Part 1 of I’ve no clue.

Sorry I’ve been away for a bit. Crunch time with the book launch date six weeks away and all. Anyway, what I thought I’d talk about over the next few posts is how Year Zero came to exist, and where the characters came from. Some of it may be information I’ve divulged elsewhere, and I’m… Read More ›

The Editing Process, Or Hurry Up And Wait.

I’ve talked a little about my experience in the world of self-publishing. Most of it is in a big picture kind of way. So, I thought it might be fun to get a little more specific and talk about editing. Well, maybe not fun, but at least informative. Because if you’ve diligently had butt in… Read More ›

Spoilers, Sweetie

Book Two

Just a quick note to let you know that I have started writing book two of the Revolution’s Children Trilogy. I’m in a waiting period as I get a copyedit done, and approach a meeting with my cover artists. And writers gotta write. I’m hopeful for a November or December release, but with dev editing,… Read More ›

One or Two Things I’ve Learned About Self-Publishing.

First things first. I’m not an expert. Hell, I’ve never even taken an official writing class. I’m just this guy in New Hampshire with a brilliant wife, an awesome musically talented teenage son, and the world’s cutest dog who has happened to finally, finally, finally finish writing a novel. It’s not even the book I… Read More ›

A Few Random Thoughts About Writing

Here are a couple of random facts about how I write, both in general, and specific to Year Zero: I have to be dressed for the day first. That includes wearing shoes. I can’t write barefoot or in slippers. Yeah, it’s weird but it works for me. I am a combo planner and pantser. I… Read More ›


Hi. Welcome. So there’s not much going on right now. I’ve sent my manuscript of Year Zero to my developmental editor (the wonderful Adrienne Kisner over at Readsy) for the second time. This means I have some time on my hands. I’ve decided to use that time trying to figure this wordpress crap out. Yeah,… Read More ›