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Spoilers, Sweetie

Book Two

Just a quick note to let you know that I have started writing book two of the Revolution’s Children Trilogy. I’m in a waiting period as I get a copyedit done, and approach a meeting with my cover artists. And writers gotta write. I’m hopeful for a November or December release, but with dev editing,… Read More ›

Update and Exciting News

Work on the interior layout of Year Zero continues. The way text looks on a page has always be important to me. I feel that the layout can enhance or make manifest the meaning behind the printed words. I’m happy to announce that I’ll be working with Jeff Brown Graphics on a cover. I’m particularly… Read More ›

A Few Random Thoughts About Writing

Here are a couple of random facts about how I write, both in general, and specific to Year Zero: I have to be dressed for the day first. That includes wearing shoes. I can’t write barefoot or in slippers. Yeah, it’s weird but it works for me. I am a combo planner and pantser. I… Read More ›

First Chapter of Year Zero

  One No law respecting the established religion, prohibiting its free and compulsory practice may be passed. All citizens free or otherwise are responsible for their speech, as is the press. The Board may sanction the people, or the press should they choose to malign The Corporation or its representatives in print, thought, word, or… Read More ›